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Comunidad exclusiva de competiciones online. Toda la atmósfera del mundo de los rallyes y sus diversas modalidades a tu alcance, de la mano del mod RallyWorld y RallyWorld Classics para Rfactor
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Marzo 2018
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RWC Classic Series

* Irlanda *

Culebrams-Seat 124 Sport
Fito-Opel Kadett GTE
A. Gomez-Ford Scort MkI
D. Cabaleiro-F. 131 Abarth
Expedito-Opel Kadett GTE

* Targa Florio *

D. Cabaleiro-F. 131 Abarth
Expedito-Porsche 911 SC
Orangito-Seat 2100 Proto
Fito-Opel Kadett GTE
LSTR-Fiat 131 Abarth

* Isle of Man *

D. Cabaleiro-911 Carrera
Fito-Opel Kadett GTE
Chinese-Opel Ascona 400
Stivi-Fiat 131 Abarth

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 Oh, it looks like a second Frenchman in a row ! (but with a bit of Aragon vibe this time)

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Mensajes : 9
Gracias : 0
Fecha de inscripción : 09/11/2016
Localización : Normandy, or a veces Zaragoza

MensajeTema: Oh, it looks like a second Frenchman in a row ! (but with a bit of Aragon vibe this time)   Miér 09 Nov 2016, 07:07

Hello everybody Smile !

I just saw another guy from France introduced himself just a few days before me !

Well, my name is Yassine, aka Trapaski on this forum, I'm originally from Northwest France (Normandy), but I've also lived some time in Spain for my studies (in Zaragoza, Aragon), and I've ran the Rallyworld Mod for two years, my favourite combination being the "Subida a la Manzana" stage with the 1990s Kit Cars !
Actually, I'm a big fan of the "Kit Car" period of the WRC, just like the "Supertouring" period of circuit racing. It was cool having "pumped up" versions of "hot hatches" just like the Ibiza, the Maxi Megane, the 306 Maxi and stuff !

I've also been a fan of rally games since the early days of Colin McRae Rallye, and having spent a unhealthy amount of time on "Rally Trophy" and the No-Grip community, which used to run an online Rally Trophy championship. Anyone else had that great 60s rally game ?

I am not yet registered in any of your championship, I'd like first to take the time to read everything there is to know Smile .

Cheers rallyfans afro !
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Mensajes : 922
Gracias : 279
Fecha de inscripción : 13/10/2014

MensajeTema: Re: Oh, it looks like a second Frenchman in a row ! (but with a bit of Aragon vibe this time)   Miér 09 Nov 2016, 21:35

Welcome Yassine, i see you are a serious competitor, read everything first is good. I want more people with this interest on the community Very Happy. If you have any doubt, you can ask it here.


*Subcomisario RW Championship* Control general del foro/Subcomisario FIA RWC
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Oh, it looks like a second Frenchman in a row ! (but with a bit of Aragon vibe this time)
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